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A fisherman’s sandal for the fisherman or fisherwoman (or should we say fisherbaby?) who likes to look funky! It’s a dark navy goat leather sandal with zig-zag white stitching. The Marek's open back and covered toe make it comfortable and perfect for summer outings that require a bit more footsie protection. The Marek has a pigskin lining and insole, padded collar, and a Velcro closure.

Size chart

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See Kai Run soles are made of TPR (thermo-plastic rubber), a new material more flexible and more durable than traditional rubber. You won’t find a more flexible rubber-soled shoe on the market. Your child can wear See Kai Run shoes out in wet weather without sacrificing comfort or healthy feet! Each See Kai Run shoe has a soft pigskin leather lining and insole for optimal breathability. Padded collars supply additional comfort. See Kai Run shoes provide a perfect combination of protection and flexibility.

Finding the right size:
> When measuring your child’s foot, have them stand up and measure from back of heel to longest toe.
> Allow ½ - 1 cm (¼" – ½") extra when selecting shoe size, more if the child will wear thick socks with the shoes.
> Measure often - children's feet grow quickly. Measure at least every 2 months during the first year, and every 3 months from 1 – 3 years. You never can tell when your child will have a growth spurt!
> Size chart

Caring for your See Kai Run Shoes
See Kai Run shoes require a minimum of care. Made of high quality leather, they are naturally water resistant. For day to day cleaning, simply use a mild detergent and damp rag. Though not necessary, you may also use a water repellant spray to increase their water resistance.

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The Jayden is a great shoe for both boys and girls. It has a soft and supple mocha brown goat leather upper with tan suede accents. The Jayden would pair perfectly with tights and a skirt, or with a boy’s pair of jeans. They will become the go-to pair for your day to day baby wardrobe needs. The Jayden is pigskin leather lined with a padded collar and adjustable Velcro closure. Size chart 



Think pink! Hot pink and light raspberry pink combine to make this a super-cute fashion statement. The hot pink is supple leather contrasting nicely with the light pink suede. The Abbie has pigskin leather lining and insole and adjustable Velcro and metal clasp closure. Size chart 



See Kai Run shoes are designed for pre and new walkers. Our shoes are made from luxurious, butter soft leather which is applied by hand to the sole. The leather is soft enough for you to feel where your baby’s toes end when sizing. Stiff leather isn’t comfortable for anyone, especially for babies. See below for more images.  

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