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Automoblox - Purple X9 Sports Utility

The rich purple roof and soft rubber tires appropriately dress the Automoblox King of the Road. With an increased ride height and extra-large rims, this ride rolls with the big boys! Increased storage capacity in the rear block allows this ultimate lifestyle vehicle to be equally big on adventure and style.

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About Automoblox: All 2005 Automoblox vehicles are interchangeable with all other 2005 Automoblox vehicles. The wheels, tires, roofs, body blocks, connectors, and passengers can be interchanged for limitless play and learning value! Each car has its very own VIN number too!
Of course, these also look great on your office desk or in your den ... did we mention these are just plain fun? For ages 3 and up.

The removable connectors allow the wooden body parts to be exchanged using a shape and color system unique to each vehicle.

Each vehicle is extremely durable (the body is made of solid maple) and was created with the idea that it would be passed on from generation to generation.

Educational Value: Allows a child to learn and develop goal directed behavior, gross and fine motor skills, visio-spatial processing, and creative problem solving.

Dimensions -> 11.76W x 7.62H x 19.38L cm
Read the interesting history of Automoblox

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Automoblox - Purple X9 Sports Utility
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